Vlog Ep 4

2 thoughts on “Vlog Ep 4

  1. Hi Andrew
    yes I am following up on all your digital links.
    What did you mean that you used manual focus on the subject? Do you mean not use AV?
    You also said you used manual setting for exposure?


    1. HI Susan

      Okay , this I hope will explain it a little better

      Take you camera (AV mode and check the settings on the elephants.(the exposure)also make sure you are at F8
      Remember these settings and then turn your camera to manual and dial in those settings ( to make sure the exposure is the same through all images)
      Focus on the group and then turn the auto focus off on the lens ( don’t bump the lens focus)
      You do this so the focsu will not change as you move across with the panorama images
      The you shoot the images with a 30% to 50% overlap of the images

      Hope that helps

      Yours in Photography

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