The Kgalagadi Short Film

The Kgalagadi Short Film

The Kgalagadi Short Film

The Kgalagadi Short Film of under 6 minutes that will show case, The Kgalagadi , also known generally as the Kalahari. It is photographic paradise of wild nature and incredible light.

Predators abound and the legendary black maned lions are the highlight of any journey to the destination. All images and video captured using Canon photographic equipment with DSLR and Mirrorless.

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Check out this link on the options you have to enjoy 7 – 10 day with me in this incredible destination.

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6 thoughts on “The Kgalagadi Short Film

  • Superb Andrew;wish to come back but this year I have already booked 5 trips and my right hip replacement…….not funny at all but….
    Next year in April raining season let me know if you have anything scheduled will be very pleased to come back! such a good souvenir

  • John Catchpole says:

    Great Video Andrew, i take it that in this environment you have dust out your gear on a daily basis.

    • Hello John

      Yes indeed I do dust it off each day but during the drives I have a towel covering my gear and with the lens I actually use a plastic shower cap you get from hotels to cover over the lens from element 🙂 The only time its dusty on a game drive vehicle is of you get inconsiderate idiots speeding by making huge dust trails.

      Thanks again for the comment !

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