Duba Plains 2015

A jewel in the Okavango Delta in northern Botswana , Duba Plains is world famous for the Buffalo and Lion interactions . As with nature , one can never predict the action but with the rich and diverse nature area in the floodplains , wildlife photographic opportunities are abundant. This is a bucket list trip for many a wildlife photographer and now with the incredible cope ration between SADC countries , this special package has been developed.

I have been invited by Captured in Africa to host 1 of 3 of the ONLY 6 day and 5 night adventure in March 2015 to this iconic destination with 6 photographers – ( SADC Residents Only ). They intern have teamed up with #RhinosWithoutBorders & Great Plains Conservation with donations from all bookings being made to protecting our #rhino .

There are three dates of which Wim Voster will lead the first 2 and I will complete the triple play in March 2015. Below is a image c/o Beverly Joubert and information from Captured in Africa about the adventure which is ex Maun in Botswana



Detailed information can be obtained from caroline@capturedinafrica.co.za or you can contact me via email or through my Facebook Page

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