In July 2017 I put together the first of my new series of creative photographic workshops under the banner of  Creating Photography. This workshop was to help the participants broaden their horizons and find inspiration and imagery in different places.



I was assisted by Melanie C as a creative photographer from Cape Town who has a passion for all things photographically creative, she managed to add some great value to the groups thinking and needs.

The weekend was over 3 nights with a very flexible program of photographic outings. Each evening all the activities and adventures were discussed and ideas made for the next session and by this happening, a large amount of creative knowledge was shared. A lot of good food and wine was enjoyed and new creative relationships formed.

Here is a small collection of images captured by all of the photographers. Please enjoy and look out for the next exciting Creating photography workshop in early 2018.



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NOTICE: Please note that I have not intentionally violated any IP or Copyright rights with the use of the soundtrack on the short film. It is only for non-commercial use and I have also attempted to notify the artist and request terms of use without any luck.