Desktop Image = January 2020

Desktop Image- January 2020

Desktop Image – January 2020 Every month I enjoy sharing one of my images as a Desktop Image for your notebook or desktop. If you enjoy it, please share the post and…

Karoo Experience - Photos from the Karoo Gariep Nature reserve by Andrew Aveley

Diversity in Light – The Karoo

If you are in love with the outdoors and nature but can’t always get to places like the Greater Kruger, Kgalagadi, Botswana etc you need to find an affordable alternative to keep your photography skills fresh. Join me on a Karoo Experience

Gallery Interaction

Gallery Interaction – One of the things I wanted for my images in the Portfolio sections , is the ability for people to comment, ask technical questions or even post processing tips or hints . So below is a group of screen grabs that give you a guideline to how to go about asking those questions .

World Cheetah Day 2013

World Cheetah Day 2013 . A animal I really enjoy watching and photographing all through Southern Africa. My favourite Cheetah images by Andrew Aveley

A Hippo and the Harvest Moon

A Hippo and the Harvest Moon Ever wondered why the moon when it rises is sometimes red or a bit yellow … well its due to strong signal strength of these colours in the light spectrum as they travel futher from there source and or pollution in the atmosphere at sunset when a moon rise also occurs.

Landscapes of the Mara

Any expedition that I embark on does not only focus on the main theme , for example the Chobe and the blog I did on its landscape possibilities earlier this year. This year with the Great Migration , my mindset was no different …….

My Canons and the Mara

Okay so here is what I took and what I used in this years Great Migration in Kenya. When I planned for this trip , i did have a slight advantage as after a visit earlier in the year (2013) . In saying this , it was still a huge difference to know the incredible migration would be there.

My work in print……..

As a photographer , one of the ultimate moments for me is when I have captured a unique piece of time and light , is to have it reproduced in a format that is tangible and visual , my work in print. I discovered the father and son printing team

Behind the frame – Kalahari Stampede

I went to the Kalahari Transfrontier Park at the beginning of 2009 for the first time and was completely in awe of the vast space and environment. I wont bore you with all the adjectives and stories of the lions and predators that made an impact on me , but