Booking Form

This booking form is the sole contract between AASTP and yourself and no express terms, undertakings, or warranties not contained herein will be valid. AASTP undertakes to provide the services that are detailed under your booking number above and you hereby agree to our Standard Terms and Conditions – a copy of which will be emailed to you or alternatively on our website (www.andrewaveley.co.za).

By signing this booking form, you are deemed to have read, understood and accepted the AASTP Terms and Conditions and you agree to comply with them.

Your signature also means that you have the authority and contractual capacity to act on behalf of and bind the other people whose names appear on this booking form. If you do not have this authority each of them need to complete their own booking form.

We need to have the details of your next of kin or someone that you would like us to contact in case of emergency or major change in your travel itinerary. Please fill in below. We would like to draw your specific attention to the fact that you are responsible for your own passports, visa’s, vaccinations and inoculations

NOTE – AASTP refers to Andrew Aveley Safaris, Travel & Photography

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