Back Lighting vs Rim Lighting

Backlighting vs Rim Lighting – you will be amazed at home many people don’t actually know the finer points of this specific photographic technique. Let me share my secrets

Back Lighting vs Rim Lighting

Backlighting vs Rim Lighting – Do you know what the difference is between the two ? Have you tried it or wanted to try it ?

I am going to do a brief discussion on on the above as mentioned.

Let’s break it down – Back Lighting and Rim Lighting are the same thing but here are some facts and pointers:

  • Both require the sun to be from in front of your lens
  • The angle the sun is from the horizon and your location play a part
  • Is the horizon clear or is there low foliage
  • Is there dust or complimentary atmospheric conditions
  • Exposure plays a big part of the end result.
  • Achieving focus is not easy
  • Focus point selection and aperture are important

Back Lighting

Rim Lighting

As part of my ongoing posts will be adding some short pieces about what I think are important and then also then also show you examples of the technique that you can use as a inspiration to try and create your own. If you don’t come right, you can always join me on one of my experiences or adventures to learn more 🙂

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