About Andrew Aveley


Take some time and learn a little more about Andrew Aveley, the Wildlife & Nature Photographer and why I have a

passion for photography, Africa and her ethereal beauty.

About Andrew Aveley

21 years ago I encountered the creative beauty of the world through the lens, for the first time. The value of visual storytelling took hold of my artistic imagination and has developed ever since. The love affair I started with the African bush created the foundation of the photographic journey I will continue pursuing. 

The peaks of mountain ranges can loom highest, yet the smallest flower or insect can capture my creativity in the same magnitude. Flora, fauna or angry ocean waves speak in light to me, and guide my creativity, to capture a moment that tells more than just a story: to make the emotion that I felt reality to whoever appreciates my vision… 

Nature speaks with many sounds and a voice we try to learn, but silence always falls in Africa. This absence of sound is the canvas in which I start to paint with light, the smallest movement caught in the first breeze of golden light is my starting point each day I go out. Not knowing what beauty of Earth I will see will continuously excite me. Capturing that one amazing moment is always possible, yet the memory of just watching can also be more powerful…

Capturing and composing light is personal to the eyes that see, but faced with technology learning to be in unison with the equipment we hold is vitally important. To tell a true story of Africa, understanding my tools has become vital, and sharing this knowledge to inspire creativity has become my goal. Forever aspect of knowledge I pass on, another memory can be immortalised in time, with meaning that has personal qualities. This is a worthy gift, and a part of myself I will always give away. 

A photographic journey is a moment that can be lost forever but captured in a single frame, in a language that only the memory can translate. An image that can translate this language and live with you forever is proof that sharing the love of light is the reason that I create photography


“Humility is the realization that not everything that happens in life is all about you. Things may work out well, but you may not have been the primary reason for their success.

Things may fail, but the failure may not have been your fault.”

Harold Kushner



Having your work shared in print and making a difference to conservation worldwide is extremely important to me.

Outdoorphoto Portfolio 1  – Coffee Table Book Contributor 2010

Outdoorphoto Portfolio 2  – Coffee Table Book Contributor 2014

Landrover Magazine – Contributor 2015

Remembering Elephants Project –  Contributor 2015

Remembering Rhino’s Project –  Contributor 2017

Remembering Lions Project –  Contributor 2019

Remembering Cheetahs Project –  Contributor 2020

Prints for Wildlife & African Parks – Contributor 2020

E-BOOKS – Published Canon Focus System Series  

Self Published – African Wildlife Photographer in your bag

Self Published – African Landscape Photographer in your bag

Self Published – Beginners Guide to African Bird Photography

Remembering Wild Dogs Project –  Contributor 2021

Prints for Wildlife & African Parks – Contributor 2021



Being recognised by your peers is always a humbling experience. These are some that I am very proud of:

Sony Pro Photo Awards – Winner 2009

Fuji / Getaway Photographer of the Year 2010

Nature’s Best Photography Windland Smith Rice International Awards – Finalist 2013/14

BBC Vieola Wildlife Photographer of the year – Finalist 2011/12/13/14/15

Africa Geographic photographer of the year -Finalist 2017

Natures Best Africa AWARDS – Finalist 2017

Wilderness Safaris Competition – Winner and runner up in Wildlife and Conservation photography 2019



To share my passion and knowledge is something that I love to do. These have been amazing opportunities.

Knysna photographic Society 2012/15/16/18/19

Port Elizabeth Photographic Club 2013/2016

Canon South Africa Expo Presenter & Pro Services 2013, Roadshow Presenter 2014/2017, FESPA International Expo 2018, Eastern Cape Roadshow 2018, Photo & Video Expo 2019

Photo & film Expo 2014/2015/2016

Cape Town Photo Club 2014

Retro Focus Camera Club 2014

Wildshots 2015/2016

Cape Town WPOTY Exhibition Guest Speaker 2015

Knysna Arts Festival 2016

Getaway Show Workshops 2018

Photo Plus Africa 2018



“Photography for me is not looking, it’s feeling.

If you can’t feel what you’re looking at, then you’re never going to get others to feel anything when they look at your pictures.”

Sir Don McCullin

Jonathan and Angela Scott – The Big Cat People

Andrew you are a gentleman – and your work speaks for you. Keep following that pathway to bliss with energy and creativity – we will always look for your work. Warm regards – J and A

Philip and Nadine – Switzerland 

Andrew is a great teacher and fantastic host. Our time in the bush was spectacular and he did everything in order to make our stay as pleasant and instructive as possible. He met the needs of every photographer on a very individual basis thus maximizing benefits for myself and the other participants. 

Angela and Trevor – United Kingdom

Your professionalism in organising our time to best advantage and you humour in putting up with us made the trip. It was a wonderful trip and ranks really highly amongst the best we’ve ever done.

Remembering Wildlife

I am a proud contributor to the Remembering Wildlife book initiative raising funds for nature conservation around the globe.

Visit the Remembering Wildlife website to contribute to this wonderful project. Four of my images appear in these publications.

Margot Raggett – Founder Remembering Wildlife

” Blown away by the kindness and the lengths our photographers go to for our cause, particularly in such a challenging year.

Thank you so much to all you have done to make a diffeerence to our wildlife…. “