A New Day A New Life

A New Day A New Life

A New Day A New Life

” I will leave it to you……….”  is what Anne said when she walked into do this fun session . The freedom to be able to create unique images with my photography is what makes each and every release of the shutter something to remember.

The studio is a place where you can control and setup your environment to ensure that all the technical details are 100% but few realise it is your subject that will dictate whether you take a picture or create an image.





The use of lines and shadows really creates mood in an image in my opinion and when capturing the bare essence of a woman’s beauty it will give you that little extra X factor.





All images were captured using Canon equipment and studio lighting included a single light and soft-box. I wish the new family all the best and look forward to creating more unique images for you to enjoy . Until my next post , keep capturing each and every moment through your lens.


Peace and Light – AA

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