Sometimes colour and light is all you need to feel that special closeness to truth, peace and natures spirit – Andrew Aveley

I am always asked what one piece of advice I can give a photographer . .

Remember where you started your journey from, Why you started it and Who you started it with.

To those who are reading this and have been with me on my journey, thank you for all you have done and shared – Andrew


The African wilderness of Southern Africa can be inspiring and let your mind go to places you have been with magical moments and people.

Fuel your creative spirit when ever you can, where ever you are. Find peace and love each day to the best of your ability.

Thanks to all those that inspire and allow me to follow my dreams each day to share the inner creative beauty I have seen through my passion for photography !


It is different things to different people but yet it inflicts emotion in ways you cant understand.

Let’s chase the light, feel the light, see the light, grab the light and finally be the light

Peace and Light

Andrew Aveley