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Lightroom and Wildlife Photography

Join professional photographer Andrew Aveley as he shares his vast knowledge in a comprehensive workshop on the Art of Wildlife Photography and the development of these images with Adobe Lightroom & Photoshop CC and various 3rd party plugins.

What we will cover during the Art of Wildlife Photography:

  • Camera’s & Lenses
  • Equipment – Support systems , Hard Drives and Accesories 
  • Techniques – Exposure , Depth of field , Shutter Speed , Composition.
  • Lighting and Fill Flash
  • Night shooting – Spotlight and High ISO
  • Signs of the Wild – Animal & Birds behaviour 

What we will cover during the Development sessions

  • Lightroom Development Module
  • The Art of Black and White , Monochrome and Colour
  • Creating Wildlife Panoramic images
  • Creating blended exposure images – HDR Function
  • Google Nik Software plugins
  • Composite Images , Layers and Masks
  • Creating a Fine Art Image – Photoshop / ON1 / SnapSeed
  • Exporting Images for web or print

Some examples of images that I hope you will be able to create.









Cost : R2250 per person . Private rate available on request.

I offer these as follows :

  • Private personal one on one with dedicated attention to detail and your needs at my Knysna Studio.
  • I can assist with small groups of unto 4 persons with the workshop being from 08h3o – 15h00 at my studio in Knysna
  • Larger groups can be accommodated at an external venue in Knysna but only a maximum of 12 persons
  • Photo clubs and groups can be accommodated anywhere in South Africa if so needed.


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