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No business is built and developed so that the shareholders/owners don’t  make a profit or have a positive growth.

Why would you as a professional photographer have that mindset and belief?

I have found over the last two years the industry of “Professional / Part Time” photographers who have a “business” have next to no idea of how to actually set up , cost and manage the financial side of the business.

This is an argument many debate but with little or no business experience, most who shout the loudest are not qualified to even attempt to debate. The other common point of advice is that shooting for EXPOSURE will put food on the table ( if you don’t know the true costs of the exposure , how can you know its value). At the end of the day, its the photographer (not the customers) who cannot put bread on the table , survive and make ends meet.



As a photographer running a business , why is it always the case that you loose the common sense and decide your worth by the following:

  • The level of experience you have
  • The type of equipment you have
  • The level of confidence you have
  • The shooting for exposure………

Should you not be looking at the reality of life and considering these few of a very many points :

  • Business principals
  • Salary & Living Expenses
  • Tax
  • Equipment replacement
  • etc etc etc



The nett result of the complete ineptitude of the photographer, is that the level of business standards and perceived value of services has plummited and the only winner is the consumer community as a whole.

I have not seen any other industry where the professional does the work and in a economic sense is actually “paying” the customer to do the work. So lets get down to the basics and let Andrew Aveley, with 27 years of small , medium and large size business experience help set you on the profitable path and the ability to live the life you need to. No frills , no luxuries but the basics to allow you to run a successful business.

Costs of Service : R1200.00 per consultation 

What will you receive in respect of the evaluation and your photography business:

  • A detailed understanding of your actual costs
  • Variable hourly rates for services
  • Basic Digital Capture Fee charges ( every shutter click has a value)
  • Image development rates per image
  • Travel and Vehicle expenses

Complete the below form so as you can be contacted and the process can be started with a full confidentiality agreement prior to any information is traded.

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Document your project
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