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Duke The Tusker

We are fortunate in Africa to have places where we can still see large numbers of elephants in the wild. One of the greatest experience’s I think is to see and be in the presence of a genuine “tusker”. I have managed to see a few in my journey as a photographer but what remains really special , is the first and only encounter with a legend of the Kruger National Park , ” Duke the Tusker “….

I have an interest in tuskers and over time I have me a gentleman by the name of Aat Vuik who is a extremely driven to provide records and details of these giants on his dedicated webpage , Tuskers of Africa . He travels regularly to Greater Kruger and also relies on contributions from fellow nature lovers to keep his personal records up to date . Spend some time and enjoy the detailed history he has recorded.

Link to the history of DUKE 

Link to images of Tuskers in Kenya

The site needs any updated images and I hope to assit after more Wild Eye Expeditions to Amboseli and the Mara Triangle

Earlier this year in Amboslei National Park I captured another true Giant , his is named “TIM”. This is one of my personal favourite images of the encounter……

Andrew Aveley , Tim Amboseli

With the surge of poaching , It saddens me to think that if mankind does not loose its bloodthirsty need for Ivory , that my childern will not get to see anymore of these gentle giants……….

Peace and Light

Andrew Aveley

Cape Clawless Otter vs Nile Crocodile

When I go out into nature on trips for photography, the main aim is to enjoy nature and capture some natural images. There is always a wish in the back of my mind that I would come across a unique scene and capture a ‘different’ image.On a recent trip to the Greater Kruger National Park, I came across this epic scene of a Cape Clawless Otter………….

Yes , its is indeed a Cape Clawless Otter (Aonyx capensis) which is enjoy some fresh Nile Crocodile (Crocodylus niloticus) . A small specimen indeed, but as croc non the less.Amazing to witness , Cape Clawless Otter vs Nile Crocodile

I arrived on the scene moments after the adult otter had wrestled the crocodile onto the small bank out of the strong flowing water. The first image  is a 30 % crop of a still image to show the last flick and roll of the crocodile before it succumbed to strong jaws of the Aquatic predator.

The jaws of the otter are extremely strong and I was completely amazed at how it tore through the underbelly of its prey. It stayed comfortable wedged in the eddy next to the strong current and enjoyed its meal.

I spent 15 minutes with watching and photographing this amazing scene and was mesmerized by the uniqueness of what I was witnessing.I decided to capture last few frames and leave theCape Clawless otter to his prize and move on in search of more images. As we left, the show was offer and the small Nile crocodile was but a shell of skin and a head as the Cape Clawless Otter cleaned up and moved off to relax on a full stomach. Here is a small iMovie that I made with some HD video i captured , Cape Clawless Otter vs Nile Crocodile.

Nature is a most amazing spectacle. Thanks for taking the time to read and feel free to leave a comment. Get out there and capture the light, one frame at a time…………


Peace n Light – AA