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A New Day – A New Life

” I will leave it to you……….”  is what Anne said when she walked into do this fun session . The freedom to be able to create unique images with my photography is what makes each and every release of the shutter something to remember. The studio is a place where you can control and setup your environment to ensure that all the technical details are 100% ………. but few realize it is your subject that will dictate whether you take a picture or create an image.

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Photographic Exhibition in Knysna

Over December 2010 and January 2011 there will be two great exhibitions displaying a select number of my images on canvas and classic frames. This has been a dream of mine for some years and am proud to have it become a reality. I have written a short description below of the two venues.

LA OPERA – Knysna Mall

Here you will find the walls of this restaurant  adorned with some of Knysna’s unique landscapes from Spitzkop to the rock-pools of Noetzie and a night shot of the Belvedere Jetty.  Two large kalahari wildebeest panoramic images are positioned above the cashier and the 2010 Fuji Award winning Isolation image is situated at the entrance on the left. The owner Jaques is available to answer any questions and provide interested patrons with my details at all times. This will be an ongoing display with images being changed on a monthly basis. PLEASE NOTE : Jaques serves the best Omelette in town !!!!!!!!!!

Andrew Aveley Photographic Exhibition at La Opera - Knysna Mall

Shop No 5 Woodmill Lane – Main Street Knysna ( Old Foto First )

This is a joint Exhibition of work between Peter Delaney and myself. He is a long time friend and award winning photographer. Two very unique styles and classic wildlife and landscape images will be on display here until the end of January 2011. The venue is professionally laid out with each image complimenting the other in terms of colours and finish. There are 26 images on display with an additional number being displayed on a 42 inch screen .Myself and Peter will be available on alternate days to provide any services or information you may need. As well as our own works, we are able to process your images for print and supply competitively price canvas, classic frame or boxed frame products delivered to your door with Berco Express. The 2010 Outdoorphoto Portfolio One  books will also be on sale .

Shop No 5 - Woodmill Lane Knysna ( the old photo first )

I will also be displaying  unique oak wine barrel furniture made by Telekka which will be available to order. Finally , my uniquely hand made display easels are also on display and can be supplied on order to any aspiring photographers or artistes. Please drop by and visit if you are in the area and if you  could, recommend these exhibitions to your friends and family along the Garden route.

Lastly , thanks to Delwynne for setting up this new blog and being a great help — AA