Karoo Experience - Photos from the Karoo Gariep Nature reserve by Andrew Aveley

Diversity in Light – The Karoo

If you are in love with the outdoors and nature but can’t always get to places like the Greater Kruger, Kgalagadi, Botswana etc you need to find an affordable alternative to keep your photography skills fresh. Join me on a Karoo Experience

Buffalo Ghosts

Andrew aveley shares a ‘behind the frame’ tutorial on how he captured the Buffalo Ghosts image at the #terrapinhide in Madikwe

The Medium

The medium , join Canon professional photographer Andrew Aveley as he shares some personal thoughts on black and white photography

Canon Wide Angle

Canon Wide Angle – Andrew Aveley reviews Canon’s newest and ground breaking wide angle lens , the 11-24 mm F4 L

Photo Film Expo 2014

Photo Film Expo 2014 – A short presentation of my work at this 2014 event which includes personal favourite images with music and passion

Photo & Film 2014

Photo & Film 2014 .Well things have slowly returned to normal after a good couple of weeks on the road for various work and photography related projects. It all culminated with the annual Photographic Expo at the Coca Cola Dome in Randburg , Gauteng . Click Read More ………..

Meishu Maru 38

Meishu Maru 38

I have been challenged in social media by Daryl Visser to share one black and white image for 5 days . Here is the third of my images and hope you are inspired by it.

Amboseli Moments

Amboseli National Park – Land of Giants and Landscapes One of my life long goals has been to set foot in the Amboseli ecosystem shooting images. Click on read more to see a small window into this incredible place.

Oceans of Space

Oceans of Space – When one thinks of Namibia I am sure the first image that springs to mind is of the famous trees of Deadvlei and the wildlife of the great northern Etosha regions. My visits to these places have been special in every respect, and I would encourage anyone who enjoys the openness of the coastline of South Africa to visit this ocean of space and light at least once in their lives.