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Places , People and Passion

Places , People and Passion

Three words you may not associate with this image but for for me , it embodies just those 3 perfectly ………


Place’s – What can one say but this is a special scene and gem of the Garden Route for me which is a place to reflect and capture incredible moments . Some still to fill my lens and sensor but finally rare making sense.

People – Friends a special people who share this place with me and still are to experience its intoxicating light.

Passion – What I feed off of in sharing my art and vision with all of those that follow me and my photographic journey.


Keep following your passion and the search for Peace and Light – AA

The Half Pipe

The Half Pipe was an incredible practical demo section of this years Canon Expo . I only had a few moments to watch this guys practise the passion and craft. Just before the expo closed I grabbed the 1DX and 8 mm – 15 mm Fisheye and hammered out a few frames…….Yes , I have a secret set of passions in photography besides WildLife and Landscape













The legend , Tim Moolman was on hand to capture awesome images and show any interested visitors some of the nuances in action photography. I have shot many action sports over the last few years but enjoyed the short session with Tim and he added “listening” to my technique when shooting hall pipe. One does not always see but hears things to note a moment to be shot.













For me the highlight was to trust these guys with immanent danger and even though I got a shoot and a board against the arm and my face , it was an adrenalin rush. Editing done in DDP and Lightroom with some of my industrial effects.





Dont limit yourself to a specific genre of photography , get out and shoot the light – AA