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Creating Photography Cape Aghulas 2017

Andrew Aveley hosts a unique creative photographic weekend with aspiring photographers in Cape Aghulas near Struisbaai in mid July 2017. Click to see more

Therapy through the lens

This is a blog about something personal and to what extent photography has helped my son , Josh Aveley deal with the trauma that he has experience in Knysna during one of its largest natural sisters on record.

Vlog Episode 13 – The Peak Design Sling Strap

Join professional photographer Andrew Aveley as he reviews the Peak Design sling strap.

SA Professional Photographers Associateship

I was recently privileged to receive my associateship from the South African Professional Photographers for my Landscape , Wildlife and Sport photography, It is a huge honour tone recognised by your peers at this level and I am extremely proud.

Vlog Episode 12 – Managing your images and media storage in the field

Many people ask me how I manage my images when I am in the field. In this vlog I explain and share my thoughts and the practical way you can and should work with your digital assets

Top 5 Nature Apps

Join professional photographer Andrew Aveley as he shares his Top 5 Nature Apps for 2017

Purist or Creative

Join professional photographer Andrew Aveley as he categorises digital images by development aspects and digital work done to the image. Purist or Creative

Why print your images

Why print your images - Join Andrew Aveley as he shares his own thoughts and ideas on why you should print your photographs

The spitzkoppe rhino and the ancients

Over time , the african continent has seen many changes in it fauna and flora , the evolution of who we are today as people and off course our relationship with our wild animals. Join Andrew Aveley as he shares some interesting facts about the Rhino of Spitzkoppe

Learning to see in the field

Andrew Aveley , Canon Professional share's his thoughts on how to simplify " Learning to see in the field" with technique , viewpoints and understanding.

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