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One of the proudest things any guide or tour operator can receive is good and or bad feedback. I am extremely grateful of the the comments and testimonials given by some of my guests over the last few years that I have to share them. 


Jonathan and Angela Scott – The Big Cat People

Andrew you are a gentleman – and your work speaks for you. Keep following that pathway to bliss with energy and creativity – we will always look for your work. Warm regards – J and A


Sarah & Joanne – The Island of Aus

Our trip would not have been complete without Andrew Aveley and spending time with a professional photographer and teacher. Andrew was incredibly generous with his time and knowledge. Both Sarsha and I had the time of our lives learning from Andrew – and spending a lot of time chatting with some very cool bush stories, topped with lots of south african and sarcastic humour. Andrew allowed us to explore simple but very effective ways of using the camera, and the shots we achieved from the holiday are amazing and very satisfying. We will have the pleasure of enlarging a number of them for framing to capture our memories on our home walls. Each time we look at them, we will have memories galore. We had such fun and gained not only a new love of the camera and taking pictures, but more importantly, a new friend.”


Philip and Nadine  from Switzerland shared these words

Andrew is a great teacher and fantastic host. Our time in the bush was spectacular and he did everything in order to make our stay as pleasant and instructive as possible. He met the needs of every photographer on a very individual basis thus maximizing benefits for myself and the other participants. 

Finlay MacDonald (age 11) Edinburgh, Scotland and Visited Oct 2016

They say a picture tells a thousand words.

Having never been on safari before I was keen to learn how to properly capture those exciting moments with my new camera. So when Anne-Marie told me that there was a photography course I was keen to take part!

That night I met Andrew. The man that would be teaching me how to make the most out of my camera and use it properly. An enthusiastic teacher with the patience of a saint!

In the morning instead of going out with the rest of my group (my mum and my little brother), I headed out with Andrew in our own private vehicle and got a one to one session with him. The thing he said that he thought was the most important was composition. Let the animal walk into the frame. This means that if the animal is facing right put it on the left and if facing left put it on the right. We were lucky enough to be able to see the wild dogs as one of our first animals and I managed to capture some great shots due to Andrew’s help. We then went on to see two lions taking an power nap next to the leftovers of their breakfast feast, an unfortunate buffalo. Other sitings included giraffes, a warthog and a guinea fowl in tree. What a morning!

I enjoyed my first session so much that I asked Andrew if he could take me out a second time but in the evening. So the next evening Andrew came with my family and taught me about night time photography. For example – what to put my ISO to and how to use the camera with artificial light created by the vehicle’s spotlight. We were very lucky with our finds as we saw a brown hyena with the remnants of a zebra in it’s mouth. We also saw a herd of elephants out on an evening stroll with their newly born calf and two lions that had just killed a wildebeest. This was especially exciting as we had tried to track them down earlier that evening but when they saw Jenna, our amazing guide, they darted off.

I had a brilliant time with Andrew and extremely enjoyed my stay at Jaci’s Lodge!


Feedback from Melanie with  thoughts after completing private Lightroom training with her….

I had the pleasure of being mentored myself in complete layman’s terms and with complete patience. There were things I did not even know existed but it has truly improved and transformed my workflow tremendously


Feedback from Graham & Gill with  thoughts after completing the Lightroom 101 Course and I thank him for them ….

Thanks Andy for a great day . Learnt heaps & enjoyed every moment. Really professionally put together & great fun. I’ll be back for more . Nespresso yummy


Feedback from Colin with his thoughts and I thank him for them ….


What!! Where is that? And what is that? Never heard of it.

That was my initial reaction and I must confess everyone I’ve spoken to since my trip had the same reaction. Shu!! Don’t talk to loud, because it’s the best kept bush secret in the whole of South Africa.

As a Photographer and a wild life lover Zimanga blew my socks off. The photographic experience and the interaction with the wild life on the reserve was an adventure I will treasure for the rest of my photographic days. Apart from the whole philosophy of the Senekal family for the establishment of the reserve with the intimate bird hides, and the game management ethos, the enthusiasm and professionalism engendered by our photographic mentor, Andrew, and our game guide/photographer Brendon was an unforgettable experience.

Andrew oozes energy and enthusiasm for wanting to part with his photographic knowledge and experience. While Brendon’s calmness closeness, intimacy and respect for the animals on the reserve tremendously enhanced the overall photographic adventure.


Feedback from Donald with his thoughts and I thank him for them ….

I extend my sincere thanks and gratitude  to Andrew Aveley , for his exceptional patience and tolerance shown in both the photographical workshops and in the seeking to find such incredible shooting opportunities, in the wildlife sought, both on the game vehicle, by foot and in the various hides, which this amazing Game Reserve offers.  

His dedication and passion for what he clearly so enjoys, was always very evident.  A truly wonderful and amazing experience, which knowledge passed on to me will always be appreciated and long remembered.  Thank you.  


Feedback from Francois with his thoughts after completing the Lightroom 101 Course and I thank him for them ….

Andrew I really enjoyed the opportunity to share in your knowledge of Lightroom in particular and photography in general. The small attending group was great in order to deal with each of our particular challenges. Thanks for all the tips. Well done.



Andrew Aveley The Photographer
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