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Canon a moment of truth…

Over the last few weeks I have read and heard many presentations of the performance of the new flagship Canon 5 D MK 3. My initial reviews of the technical stuff put out on the worldwide web by some of the “top” international photographers I found the two most important features I would be interested in would be the new Focus system and the ISO capabilities. I finally managed to get my paws on one last week with no other way to test this unit but with a baptism of fire…….A weekend of photographing Landscapes, Cape and Bearded Vultures in the majestic Drakensburg mountains of KZN………….you judge for yourself!

Canon a moment of truth …

The twilight of a Giant……….Canon 5 Dmk 3 , 16-35mm F2.8 @ F8 , ISO 6400 , 8 sec – Adjustments LR 4

I collected the camera early on Thursday morning before leaving LA ( Lower Alberton) and I managed to refrain from ripping the box open and firing of a few hundred frames on the road to KZN. I have had enough time to read and prepare myself for the new menus and technical stuff after downloading the manual online. So I setup as many of my custom functions and shooting information as I could while being offered much advise from my two shooting companions……needless to say both from the “Darkside” ( Mark Dumbleton and Brendon Jennings)……………We were greeted with clear on the first afternoon when we arrived so decide to unpack and set about enjoying a few ‘coldones’ before slipping down the walkway to shoot some twilight stars but the freezing cold chased us back to a warm fire and waiting meal with Sir Hougaard Malan……….

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