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Etosha – Vulture Magic

During my trip this year to Etosha I was hoping to capture some of the vultures  interaction with other predators  in the vast wilderness. I was not disappointed by what i saw in the field but photographically it was very challenging. I did mange to witness 2 black back jackals ( canis mesomelas ) feeding on a fresh springbok carcass that was obviously a Cheetah kill from earlier that morning as the vultures had not yet started to congregate and sightings of Cheetah were recorded the days before in that general area . This image i captured was not the only highlight of this sighting………………………


One of the clues nature photographers use to find the site of a kill or dead animal is to scan the sky during the day and look for the tell tale thermals holding soaring vultures as they search for any meal . With the vast open spaces and large availability of water around I knew that finding any interaction near a water hole would be difficult . I concentrated early mornings on scanning low level shrubs and any ground activity  and as it started to heat up , the signs of soaring vultures…….

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Hidden Danger – Fuji/Getaway Awards 2011

It is with great excitement that I learnt of my runner up in the Animals in Nature Category in this years Fuji Getaway 2011 Wildlife Photographic Awards.

It is the second year in a row that I have managed to win an award in this prestigious competition along with some of Southern Africa’s top wildlife and landscape photographers .I must congratulate all of them on there achievements and also the Fuji / Getaway Awards for this event . The image chosen was titled “Hidden Danger”. I have also compiled a short insight into this image and how it was captured .


In May/June of this year  a dream road trip became a reality and  I journeyed through Namibia exploring and experiencing it’s true beauty. Part of my stay was 6 days in the south west of the Etosha National Park . If you listen to all the experts they will tell you that its not the greatest time to go there and one must concentrate on the driest months to ensure that the game are all congregated around the waterholes and the predators are plentiful around this. I could not do this so I planned to be a little more creative and covered a large area during each day to find and enjoy the unique wildlife of Etosha .

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